The dining room which is actually an art gallery hits LES

This corny art project is hard to swallow.

A Lower East Side restaurant is using its outdoor shed to serve art — instead of food, neighbors told the Post.

Cheese Grille’s roughly 50-by-8-foot shed on Allen Street has two huge bay windows, a pair of garage doors, and is covered in graffiti and stickers.

Every night since Tuesday, the grilled cheese restaurant has been hosting live music and art screenings in the hangar, which opened late last month.

“Our city now has the opportunity to give something to our creative community: a storefront space that a local artist, fashion designer or entrepreneur can take over for a few days and let the public discover their work”, said restaurant owner Emik David. , who called his shed a “public good”.

Cheese Grille on the Lower East Side serves up art alongside its grilled cheeses.
Helayne Seidman

Residents already fed up with the structures — which have reduced parking and become hotspots for rats, drug addicts and public fornicators — filmed the shed spectacle.

“If we sit down and let companies put these sheds up for whatever purpose, we’re going to have wall-to-wall sheds,” said LES resident David Goldsmith.

Last week, Goldsmith posted a video on Twitter of art lovers in the shed browsing through Warhol-esque designs for Star Wars, Super Mario and Batman.

Some locals are fed up with the structures that are springing up.
Some locals are fed up with the structures that are springing up.
Helayne Seidman

“This is just a blatant seizure of public space for whatever reason you claim,” he tweeted.

Diem Boyd, who has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and leads anti-shed advocacy group THE Dwellers, tore up the shed as a “perfect example of New York’s wonderful anarchy.”

“At the height of the pandemic, we saw the value of these sheds and supporting small businesses,” she said. “I frequent Cheese Grille all the time. My daughter loves this. But the sheds have become an abusive program. This fuels the plague we see around the city.

There is no official permit process for dining sheds.
There is no official permit process for dining sheds.
Helayne Seidman

There is no official permit process for outdoor dining cabanas. Restaurants only need to submit basic information like their address and hangar size to the city through an online application and then they can start building.

The city’s Department of Transportation, which conducts shed inspections, said Cheese Grille’s artistic spin was not kosher.

Some neighbors described the sheds as a "abusive program."
Some neighbors have described the sheds as an “abusive program”.
Helayne Seidman

“Eating spaces are to be used for one purpose only — eating — and we are following this company to remind them of that rule,” DOT spokesperson Vin Barone said.

David insisted on Friday night that he was serving food and drink in the shed; The Post visited five times in the past week but did not witness any dinner parties.

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