Summer Feelings in Art available at Bestnetart Art Gallery

Hamnstad – Port Town – lithograph by Bo Cronqvist

Animal Volcano – hand colored engraving by Benson Seto

Assemblage - Lithograph by Elizabeth Tyler

Assemblage – Lithograph by Elizabeth Tyler

Bestnetart has lots of artwork with a nice summery feel, all made by internationally renowned artists.

Who wouldn’t love to have beautiful artwork on their wall, especially if it reminds you of the best time of year – summer. »

—Magnus Segercrantz

HELSINKI, FINLAND, July 28, 2022 / – In many parts of the world, summer is the time of year when you enjoy the outdoor life, smell the flowers and deep woods, meet your friends and family, dive into the sea – a happy time of year. Most of the artwork available at Bestnetart Artgallery is cheerful art, and many of our artists are particularly good at depicting the summer season.

Each artist does it in their own way, and that’s the beauty of art. There is always something that appeals to the eyes of any art buyer. So if you want to enjoy the summer feeling all year round, take a look at the excellent selection of artworks with a beautiful summer feeling, all made by internationally renowned artists.

Our experts for creating a beautiful summer feeling in their art are:

Bo Cronqvist who lives in southern Sweden near the coast. He mainly creates saturated lithographs of lush colors of green, blue, yellow and red. You can kind of feel the heat and smell the flowers and the summer meadows looking at his art.

Elizabeth Tyler is an expert in depicting water and seasides. The art looks so real it’s hard to fathom you’re looking at an artwork and not the real thing.

Benson Seto grew up in Hawaii and it really shows in his art. Charming and totally full of Hawaiian life. He already died a few years ago, but we still have a good selection of his art available. He made colored engravings by hand, so each engraving is a kind of original artwork.

Artists like Jorgo Krallis and Maarit Kontiainen also create art with summer themes. Krallis lives in Sweden but is originally from Greece. His imagination is fantastic as can be seen in his art. Kontiainen primarily creates small, hand-colored etchings of fish and boats.

Lovely and varied art, all available at wherever you are. The art comes unframed for easy and safe delivery. Art prints are very affordable and make a great addition to any home. is an online art gallery specializing in limited edition fine art prints from contemporary artists around the world. We have art from over 20 countries and cultures ranging from Hawaii and Nepal to Mexico and many countries in Europe. We are always welcoming new artists to join the Bestnetart artist team. For the moment the artists by country are:

Belarus: Gennady Vial

Bulgaria: Hristo Kerin, Dimo ​​Kolibarov, Peter Velikov

Estonia: Aavo Ermel, Mildebergius

Finland: Maarit Kontiainen, Kristiina Lehtonen, Heli Mäkinen, Raili Tala, Juha Tammenpää

France: Alain Soucasse

Germany: Erhard Beitz. Norbert Salzwedel

Greece and Sweden: George Krallis

Holland: Harry Agema, Rolf Weijburg

Israel: Korinna Janssen

Japan: Noriaki Kondoh

Mexico: Alonso de Alba Bessonnier

Nepal and France: Keshav Malla

Romania: Adrian Sandu

Slovakia: Katarina Vavrová

Sweden: Bo Cronqvist and Elizabeth Tyler (UK and Sweden)

Ukraine: Ruslan Agirba

USA, Hawaii: Benson Seto

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