Olafur Eliason debuted new VR artwork and hits his first NFT – thanks to a $69 million commission from Beeple buyer MetaKovan

Otherworldly psychedelic experiences in augmented and virtual reality seem to be all the rage in the art world, and a new project by Olafur Eliasson is hotly following the bandwagon. Using state-of-the-art immersion tools, the Danish-Icelandic artist delves into his lifelong interest in light, perception, and sacred geometry.

As part of the new digital project called Your point of view matters, which takes the form of an immersive VR experience, Eliasson, the Bob Ross of light art meets climate change, will also foray into the realm of NFTs. Perhaps as a testament to its scale and ambition, the project is commissioned by none other than Vignesh Sundaresan, better known as MetaKovan, the art collector and leading crypto engineer who paid Christie’s $69.3 million in 2021 for Beeple’s Daily: first 5,000 days.

The digital project, accessible for free either with a VR headset thanks to a collaboration with Acute Art, is launched today, September 5, on yourviewmatter.art. It will be included in Eliasson’s major exhibition opens at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence from September 22, 2022 (on view until January 22, 2023).

The experiment consists of a field of colors changing from forms – of the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the icosahedron, the dodecahedron and the cube – which can be synthesized in the real architectural spaces.

“Making virtual spaces spaces of embodied exploration has been a long-standing interest of mine,” Eliasson said in a press statement about the project, which he has been working on for six years. “Your point of view matters invites you to physically grasp how technologies intertwine with our ability to see and co-produce what we see.

A view of the immersive experience Your point of view matters (2022). Courtesy of Olafur Eliasson and Acute Art

Later this month, an NFT of the immersive project will be created. In line with Eliasson’s concerns about climate change, he chooses to publish his NFT with Polkadot, a greener and cleaner version of Ethereum (at least until the next “merger”, which is supposed to reduce NFT emissions of 99%).

In an interview with Artnet News earlier this month, MetaKovan said he believes the NFT space – despite the current bear market – is poised to grow and artists could lead the way. “The creator economy is being reimagined through crypto,” Metakovan said. “Digital art is a big part of that.”

Daniel Birnbaum, artistic director of Acute Art, a company at the forefront of augmented reality and virtual reality artwork, said The arts journal that while many artists may have been “a little hesitant” to enter the NFT space due to legitimate environmental concern, that new technologies can also be used to advance concepts in art.

Last April, the Palazzo Strozzi also hosted a project by NFT superstar prodigy Refik Anadol, whose data-driven machine learning algorithms have been unleashed on everything from MoMA image archives to medical sources and scientists.

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