Leamington Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition will tell the story of how two men overcame barriers to their emotional health and well-being through their work

Image by Neil Catley

An artist and a photographer hold an exhibition at a Leamington art gallery to tell how they both overcame barriers to their emotional health and well-being through their work.

A Happy Tale, at ArtsTrail Gallery in the Royal Priors shopping centre, is a collaboration between Leamington roller skater and artist Alan Grantham and Coventry-based architectural photographer Neil Catley.

Alan creates metaphorical art as an expression of his view of the environment, people and the world.

He is influenced by modernist artists such as Joan Miró and Piet Mondrian and expresses it on paper, canvas, boards, the street, the wall or anywhere he can create images – even on his roller skates.

He will be sketching and painting live daily at ArtsTrail Gallery throughout the exhibition, delivering talks about his experience with ADHD telling how expressing his art has helped him overcome barriers to life. health and helped bring together a community of people through Hope Arts Projects (HAP), which empowers individuals to express themselves and be confident in a fluid environment.

Alan is doing a sponsored 100K skate at Victoria Park next month to support the charity ILeap, which supports children and adults with additional learning needs and disabilities.

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Neil, whose latest work incorporates Warwickshire architecture, suffered from mental health issues and agoraphobia for five years and didn’t leave the house until one day he picked up a camera bought by his mother.

He began to learn to take pictures on a regular basis, which eventually allowed Neil to walk out of the house, with a new purpose given to life.

Her self-confidence led not only to the development of her own photographic practice, but also to an initiative offering activities to members of the community suffering from isolation or mental health problems.

Confidence through photography set up by Neil has been a great opportunity for others to develop their photography skills, make friends and build their confidence too.

Neil will lead tours around Leamington from the gallery on Saturday 22nd October.

A Happy Tale runs from Tuesday, October 4 through Saturday, November 5.

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