Latest ‘On the Fence’ Artwork Adds Color and Happiness to Main Street

Artist Christy Caravaglio begins work on her “On the Fence” art installation Saturday morning. “I hope to finish it today,” she said.
Some of the many thread colors Caravaglio plans to use for installation.
The installation in progress.
Caravaglio’s interpretation of how the work ends with the gaze of passers-by on Main Street.

The latest installation in the ongoing series of ‘On the Fence’ art projects sponsored by the Edmonds Arts Commission began on Saturday morning as Kent-based artist Christy Caravaglio began weaving strands of multicolored wires in the chain link fence on the north side of the Frances Anderson Playground.

“I don’t have a title for this work – in fact, I’m a bit resistant to titling my art because it gives viewers more flexibility to interpret it for themselves,” Caravaglio explained. “My intention is to bring surprise and delight to onlookers by adding a colorful pattern to a utilitarian surface like this chain link fence.”

A lifelong quilter and knitter, Caravaglio became a professional artist several years ago. “You can only wear a limited number of sweaters,” she added with a laugh. “But wire continues to be my medium.”

In addition to this current job, her quilting experience is also reflected in her other projects. Learn more about her and check out her work here.

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