Jill Krutick Fine Art Gallery will open an exhibition of exquisite corpses…

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Venice installation of exquisite corpses arrives at Jill Krutick Fine Art

3 Exquisite Corpses by Vox Populi Print Collective, ArtCard & Mezzotint

In partnership with SHIM Art Network with four SHIM exhibition groups and over 200 artists from around the world

Partnering with such talented curators and artists on collaborative projects sets the bar high in the evolution of my gallery practice. It establishes a working model with substantial benefits for artists. » — Jill Krutick, Gallerist & ArtistMAMARONECK, NY, USA, Aug. 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jill Krutick Fine Art Gallery is thrilled to announce the upcoming major exhibition, “Exquisite Corpse” opening on September 10, 2022 partnered with SHIM Art Network, an artist networking and exhibition company. The gallery will feature over 200 artists from around the world who have participated in one of five exquisite corpse collaborative projects. Each build includes 40 unique artworks that visually connect to create a larger body of artwork. The theme is inspired by the functioning of an ecosystem: fundamentally individualistic but synchronous as a whole. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on September 10, 2022 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the exhibition will be presented at the Jill Krutick Fine Art Gallery, located at 425 Mount Pleasant Ave. Mamaroneck, NY 10543 for a month. An online exhibition of the work will be available on Artsy.net. The Exquisite Corpse projects are currently on display in print form at Spazio SV (@spazio_sv), a gallery in Venice that showcased the work during the 2022 Summer Venice Biennale.

Participating artists are members of the SHIM exhibition groups:
· The ArtCard Group of Exhibitions, curated by Jill Krutick (@jillkrutickfineartgallery) features artists who create small, affordable, high-quality works that are easily shipped.
· The Bushwick Community Darkroom (@bushwickdkrm), curated by Lucia Rollow (@lucia.rollow) features artists dedicated to the art of producing their own images into fine art prints.
· The SHIM Printmaking – Mezzotint Group (@shim_printmaking_mezzotint), organized by Devon Stackonis (@devon.stackonis) and Jayne Reid Jackson (@jrjtinter) is a dedicated collective that seeks to promote the works of contemporary international artists in mezzotint.
· The Vox Populi Print Collective (@voxpopuliprintcollective) organized by Barry Carlsen (@barrycarlsen) is an international guild of artists focused on printmaking.

SHIM Art Network Co-Founder Peter Hopkins said: “These events highlight how @shimartnetwork has created new possibilities for the digital and analog hosting of high quality art often overlooked by traditional galleries. “.

Gallery owner and artist Jill Krutick added, “Partnering with such a talented array of curators and artists on collaborative projects sets a very high bar in the evolution of my gallery practice. It establishes a working model with substantial benefits for those who participate.

Devon Stackonis of Mezzotint Group said, “Our collective’s inaugural mezzotint exhibition is an ambitious one, featuring artists from over fifteen countries. Jayne and I are thrilled to see the individual prints from Borderless, our exquisite corpse exhibited in Venice, together for the first time at Jill Krutick Fine Art.

Barry Carlsen of Vox Populi Print Collective added: “My belief is that as individual artists, our impact and our opportunities grow by acting collectively. Jill Krutick Fine Arts is a fabulous partner in Vox Populi Print Collective’s quest to create high quality print exhibits.

Lucia Rollow of Bushwick Community Darkroom added, “Providing exhibition opportunities has been a core part of our model since day one, and we are excited to expand offsite exhibitions with the Jill Krutick Fine Art Gallery as part of ‘a collaborative project’.

About Jill Krutick Fine Art
Jill Krutick Fine Art is a working artist studio and art gallery conveniently located in Mamaroneck, NY. Led by gallerist and fine artist Jill Krutick, the gallery showcases emerging and established artists. Opened in 2018 as a gallery-style artist studio, the modern space now also features highly curated group artist exhibitions. For more information, visit jillkrutickfineart.com or @jillkrutickfineart and @jillkrutickfineartgallery on Instagram.

About SHIM/ArtCard
The SHIM/ArtCard Group, founded in 2021 by Jill Krutick and Peter Hopkins is an exhibition group dedicated to high quality, affordable, easily shipped small works around the world. The goal is to simplify the process of submitting artwork for emerging and established artists. Having an exhibit that can literally fit in a lunchbox opens up a world of possibilities. And that’s exactly what we aim to achieve – a global stage for artists. For more information, visit jillkrutickfineart.com or @jillkrutickfineartgallery on Instagram.

About Bushwick Community Darkroom
The Bushwick Community Darkroom (BCD), founded by Lucia Rollow in 2011, is a community of hundreds of moviegoers from around the world. Since its inception, BCD has been committed to preserving the accessibility of analog resources. Over the past decade, it has grown from a closet in a basement to a 4,000 square foot warehouse. BCD offers 24/7 access to darkrooms, as well as color and black-and-white film processing, educational programs, and gallery exhibits. For more information, visit bushwickcommunitydarkroom.com or @bushwickdkrm on Instagram.

About SHIM Engraving – Mezzotint
SHIM Printmaking – Mezzotint, founded in 2022 by Devon Stackonis and Jayne Reid Jackson, is a collective that seeks to promote the works of international contemporary artists working in this highly specialized and age-old medium. In partnership with artists Barry Carlsen and Peter Hopkins, this group evolved from the International Mezzotint Society (founded in 1997), led by Jayne Reid Jackson, with the aim of further connecting international mezzotint engravers and increasing the visibility of this enchanting and obscure medium across a variety of platforms and locations. This group celebrates the many innovative approaches to the medium while preserving the knowledge and application of traditional tools and techniques. Visit and follow us on Instagram at @shim_printmaking_mezzotint

About Vox Populi Print Collective
The Vox Populi Print Collective is an international artists’ guild founded in 2017 by artists Barry Carlsen and Peter Hopkins. Our goal is to honor printmaking, provide high quality exhibits, and build community for our members. Since 2017, the guild has exhibited in: Brooklyn, NY; Basel, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany; Montreal Canada; Washington D.C.; Los Angeles, CA; Dallas, TX; Aspen, CO; Madison, WI and other US cities. Plans for 2022-23 exhibitions include New York, NY, Venice and Sorona, Italy, Berlin, Germany, Santa Fe, NM and Austin, TX. The guild also presents rotating exhibitions on Artsy.net. Contact Barry Carlsen at for more information. Visit and follow us on Instagram @voxpopuliprintcollective

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