Inaugural exhibition of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie devoted to the history of jazz

Laverne says the art gallery does a good job of being “diverse without knocking you over the head and connecting while welcoming,” and is grateful to them for providing her with a platform to share her passion for jazz. and the artistic creation she has had since she was a little girl with the people of Grande Prairie.

“My family is a creative family, my sister was an actress and stuff like that, so she would compose little sketches on the music albums my mom played and we would dress up and have fun. I was doing my sketches and she was doing her acting and my brother was a singer so he was singing and it was a good time.

More recently, Laverne found another outlet for her passion for art by becoming a program director working in early childhood education with children to give them another way to express their emotions and feelings.

“My job was to help them get ready for school, having outbursts or having disruptive or just not conducive types of behavior for a learning environment, it was my job to help them be calm and to express what they were thinking and feeling and what they felt they needed.”

Laverne says art has played an important role in the program, but specifically in the creative process, which she says is very therapeutic and helps children and adults work through a lot of emotions and feelings.

The art exhibition will focus on providing space for visitors to learn, engage and create open dialogue about what they are experiencing.

The Jazz Influence exhibition will be at the Art Gallery until November 6, 2022.

Admission to the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is free.

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