Artwork for new Haisla Health Center building to be unveiled September 15 – Kitimat Northern Sentinel

The artwork for the new Haisla Health Center building will be unveiled on September 15

The ceremony was delayed due to the pandemic

Haisla Health Center will continue to unveil some of the artwork outside the building that was put on hold after the pandemic began.

“The building was blessed when staff first moved into their new offices and now on Thursday 15th September Haisla Health Center will be doing the final unveiling of the artwork at the front of the building. , facing Owekeno Avenue,” the Haisla Nation said in a statement.

The grand opening ceremony will take place at 130 Owekeno Ave at 11:30 am and some of the artists will also be present. The artwork in front of the building consists of a central totem, as well as painted panels and a column.

Haisla artists such as Sammy Robinson, Barry Wilson and Nathan Wilson who worked on the building will be present at the ceremony. The Haisla Nation Chief and Council along with Hereditary Chiefs and Matriarchs will open the ceremony.

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