Alex McGarry’s Andover Art Gallery celebrates its anniversary

AN award-winning artist has thanked Andover BID as her art gallery in the city celebrates its third anniversary, thanks to an initial rent-free period that helped her get the studio started.

Alex McGarry, a professional wildlife artist specializing in oil paintings of British wildlife and birds, opened his studio in Andover in September 2019 when Andover BID and David Mellor Jewelers teamed up to provide an “exceptional opportunity” opening a business in the town of Andover. center.

The partnership offered a rent-free period at the start of a lease of the former David Mellor Jewelers store in Waterloo Court. The opportunity was seized by Alex.

Alex said: “This rent-free period has been absolutely crucial in enabling me to set up a studio and an art gallery.

“It gave me the breathing room to build a clientele downtown and ‘get the ball rolling’. Without this opportunity, my gallery simply wouldn’t be a reality. I am extremely grateful to both Andover BID and David and Christine from David Mellor Jewelers.

In 2019, she received the prestigious title of best British artist of the year awarded by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Many of her paintings have been released in limited editions and she is represented by Britain’s largest distributor of original artwork and fine art prints – De Montfort Fine Art.

His paintings can be found in galleries across the UK, including on board luxury cruise ships such as the Queen Mary II.

Prior to September 2019, Alex painted at home in a studio that was not open to the public and had done so for the previous eight years. While happy to be a full-time artist, Alex always dreamed of having her own gallery, open to the public. Three years later, Alex’s gallery continues to thrive and grow year after year.

Andover BID said it continues to support Alex and all the wonderful businesses in downtown Andover; organizing events, engaging Town Rangers, marketing campaigns, supporting individual events with live social media videos and providing storefront improvement grants some stores.

BID Director Steve Godwin said, “We are proud to have been part of Alex McGarry’s success and to offer continued support.

“We are passionate about downtown Andover; Andover BID is here to encourage and support any business with a vision to succeed and grow in the city. We have many established and new independent businesses and encourage more to come to the city. It’s easy to look around at big cities and towns, believing they have something we don’t have, which, while perhaps partly true in terms of cathedrals and large shopping malls , but Andover has so many other benefits.

“It is convenient and accessible and provides opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to succeed. People can come by car or by train, and our bus station is in the city center with the train station just 10 minutes walk away. Alex McGarry has worked hard to grow the business, she is a wonderful addition to the city, and we wish her continued success.

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