A short visual novel was created using the illustrations from Midjourney AI

Japanese indie game developer @8co28 has made a short visual novel titled Hekimu which uses AI-generated artwork. It is a browser game that can be played on Game Atsumaru, a website where users can submit or play games created with Creator of RPG MV. (To note: Hekimu only supports Japanese.) The background images used in the game were created with the AI ​​program Mid Roadwhich generates images based on text descriptions.

Hekimu is a short horror visual novel where the goal is to escape from a bizarre dream world. One day, the protagonist is trapped in a nightmare and finds himself in a room with four creepy walls and a dead end. While the protagonist is aware that he is trapped in a dream, he is unable to wake up. In order to escape from this nightmarish world, they must investigate their surroundings.

Players progress through the game by exploring the room using point-and-click gameplay. The game includes a number of bad endings and @8co28 claims that completing all routes in the game takes around 15 minutes.

AI generated images have become very popular on the internet lately, with many people posting the art they have created using Midjourney or trying to explore ways to use Midjourney to generate the images they need. @8co28 is one of the people who has experimented with using Midjourney in different ways.

In addition to Hekimu, they created a range of other AI illustrations, such as manga-style images. They also post information about “magic words” (text used in image creation) which helps to make AI images turn out the way you want them to.

Translation of the tweet:
The text used to create the images used in the game:
picture in japan bedroom, window, groves, wabi-sabi, -ar 16:9
Adding words like “Circle” (place the word before “window”), “red”, and “many eyes” allowed me to make slight changes to the images.
It’s possible that the wabi-sabi wasn’t integrated very well and the program treated it like “rust”, but I was happy with the result.

*The Japanese word “sabi” has several meanings and can refer to “rust” in addition to being part of the “wabi-sabi” worldview in Japanese aesthetics.

If you didn’t know that the in-game footage was AI-generated, you could very well imagine that it was created by a human artist. AI-generated art has clearly reached the level where it can be used as background in a visual novel. As AI programs such as Midjourney continue to advance in the future, we may even see more games comprised primarily or entirely of AI-generated imagery.

Another visual novel that was created using AI images is AI Kaiga. The game was created by Japanese developer HIJIKI and can be played for free on Game Atsumaru.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original article in Japanese (original article publication date: 2022-08-13 16:55 JST)

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