5 Places That Sell Crypto Physics-Inspired Art

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Bitcoiners are increasingly buying Bitcoin (BTC) themed artwork to decorate their home offices and living rooms, creating a growing demand for Bitcoin art. To meet this demand, more and more artists are selling physical, cryptocurrency-themed artwork online.

Read on to find out where you can buy Bitcoin art online.


CrypotArt is an online store of crypto artwork. According to the site, the company has sold more than 4,000 physical crypto-themed artworks through its platform, at crypto conventions, and through external partners.

CryptoArt allows artists to create Bitcoin paintings and list them to potential buyers on the platform. The paintings listed are crypto-themed artworks that provide a cool way to visually profit from bitcoin, but also store bitcoin as the artworks have an embedded bitcoin wallet address at the bottom of the portrait under the form of a QR code. The buyer can scan the wallet address using their smartphone and send BTC for storage at the address.

Bitcoin art pieces are fun to collect and can be shared as gifts with friends and family. This means that they can enjoy a visually appealing piece of art and also own bitcoins. Additionally, owners can transfer BTC from an artwork to their wallet by flipping it over, removing the sticker, and using the private keys to retrieve the coins.

To purchase Bitcoin artwork from CryptoArt, you must first register on the platform. Once you have verified your account, you can browse the catalog and select works of art. Then place an order and make payment with your credit card. Remember to set up a shipping address before you start purchasing items.

CryptoArt delivers Bitcoin artwork to Europe, America, Africa, South America, etc.

rare city

Scarce City is an online marketplace that auctions Bitcoin-themed physical art and Pepe NFTs on the Consideration blockchain.

Leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain and the Lightning Network (LN) to reduce auction costs and improve platform efficiency, Scarce City allows Bitcoin-loving artists to sell their work in exchange for BTC.

Collectors bid online for physical artwork using on-chain or Lightning transactions, and the auction winner receives the artwork via door-to-door delivery. Rare City ships worldwide.

The company launched its first auction in December 2020 and has managed over 300 auctions and facilitated over 1,000 “Rare Pepe” transactions to date. In 2021, Scare City raised over $600,000 in an investment round to bolster its efforts to support bitcoin culture and bitcoin adoption in the art industry.


Satoshigraphics.com is a Berlin-based online retailer that offers original bitcoin-themed artwork in the form of bitcoin art prints and t-shirts. The company proposes to enhance the work and aspirations of Bitcoin creators and innovators.

Satoshi Graphics bitcoin prints can be used to enhance the aesthetics of a coin, as well as convey the benefits of bitcoin to a much wider audience. These fine arts are available in a variety of designs and colors, and if you buy two pieces of art at a time, you get an extra one for free.

To purchase a Bitcoin art print, go to the site, select the “ART PRINT” category on the homepage, choose the desired art print from the options listed, and view product details. Then enter the desired quantity and add it to the cart. Finally, pay using one of the many payment channels: you can pay by credit card, PayPal or bitcoin.

International shipping is free and can take up to 8 business days for destinations in Europe and 12 days for the United States, Canada and the rest of the world.


Artoshi is an online store where you can buy original bitcoin artwork or order custom bitcoin art paintings by bitcoin artist Artoshi.

To purchase an original Bitcoin art painting, browse the store catalog and select any item you like. Read the product description and scroll down to add the item to your cart. You will then choose your preferred payment option, choosing between bitcoin or US dollars. Paying with bitcoin gives collectors a discount because Artoshi prefers bitcoin to fiat.

View your item in the shopping cart to confirm quantity and product specifications. Note that any item you purchase will incur a $20 shipping charge. Lately. you can checkout and provide your shipping and billing information. At this point, you will be offered two payment options, one by bitcoin and the other by credit card. Select one, pay and place the order.

Artoshi donates 5% of all sales to CoinCenter, a non-profit organization that advocates for cryptocurrency policy, “for the incredible work they do.”

Artoshi’s work can be delivered anywhere in the world.


Society6 is an open platform where artists can freely share their art, exchange ideas and appreciate talent. Society6 operates as an online store that connects artists with collectors and offers exclusivity to all participants.

According to the site, Society6 is home to over 450,000 independent artists from over 150 countries, with the artists offering a wide range of items including wall art, home decor, clothing and more.

To purchase an item, browse Bitcoin artwork in the Society6 search bar by typing the word “Bitcoin” and selecting one of the results displayed. For example, you can narrow your search to bitcoin framed art prints and view the hundreds of coins listed on the platform.

The site also lets you apply multiple filters such as color, graphic design, and digital versions to be more specific. You can then choose a framed crypto art print or any other artwork you wish, with Society6 indicating that all your art would be custom built when you order. Finally, add it to your cart. Once you have confirmed your order, you can add your shipping information and note the $12 charge for standard shipping.

The payment options available on Society6 are PayPal and Amazon Pay, with orders being delivered worldwide.


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