Where to Buy Art Prints to Give Your Space an Instant Upgrade

Whether you’re sprucing up your living room or decorating a new place, art can do a lot for your walls and vibes. However, knowing where to buy fine art prints can be the first sticking point in starting your collection, as traditional art galleries can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the art world or if you are working with a huge budget.

Fortunately, there are more sites than ever where you can find prints, paintings, photographs, and home decor. And when you buy art online, it’s even easier to find what suits your personal preferences, whether you’re looking for under-the-radar independent artists or want affordable art that won’t cost you a penny. salary. Not only do you get more variety than shopping in person, but these online retailers often offer curated collections and (sometimes for free) in-house design consultants.

While there’s a ton of original artwork up for grabs, you can also find high-quality reproductions of well-known artworks (we see you, Monet!) as well as limited-edition prints. who won’t last long. With that, we’ve rounded up where to buy fine art prints to get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place at Saatchi Art, which offers a mix of prints, photographs, and even sculptures at affordable prices. Spend some time browsing its curated categories, such as abstract paintings, bestsellers, and spotlight on emerging artists.

Yuliya Martynova Connected Party Lights Lumen Print

$120.00, Saatchi Art

Yuliya Martynova Migration No Doubt Print

$120.00, Saatchi Art

Cecilia Frigati Fresh New Day floral landscape print

$125.00, Saatchi Art

Hadley Rampton Harmony Print

$150.00, Saatchi Art

You can find everything from black-owned quilts to vintage fashion gems on Etsy, so no one should be surprised that the online platform, known for its support of independent artists, is a treasure trove of cool art. . You can find a huge selection of original artwork, from colorful oil paintings to minimalist character designs at really great prices. There’s even digital art that you can just download for a few bucks and print yourself.

Aquamarinegallery Digital Download Printable Abstract Art

$5.00, Etsy

Flower market poster

$26.00, Etsy

Joreyhurley Sandpipers at the Beach Art Print

$48.00, Etsy

LittleHeartPrintCo Woman Line Art Print

$9.00, Etsy

Come for the draws; stick around for the mixed-media pieces, which set Minted apart from the rest. While the stationery is best known for its invitations and thank you notes, it also offers a selection of artwork that appeals to a wide range of personal tastes, whether you like highlighter-worthy glosses or textured collages. You can also customize if you want prints on paper or canvas, as well as mat and frame size.

Mint sorbet flowers

$99.00 minted

Sun Struck Wicker I

$24.00 minted

Mint Rosie Wall Print

$98.00 minted

Minted Beach Affect 2

$98.00 minted

We were shocked – shocked! – to check out all the great art finds on Amazon Handmade, which is similar to Etsy… if Etsy had the two-day shipping benefits of Prime. You can find tons of series here, perfect for displaying as a triptych or incorporating into a gallery wall.

ArtbyHannah Boho Wall Art Set of Three Framed Canvases

$46.00, Amazon

LittleGreenPrintShop Set of Six Pressed Flower Botanical Prints

$54.00, Amazon

Haus and Hues Mid-Century Art Wall Decor

$14.00, Amazon

Quail Lane Press Yosemite National Park Typography Map Unframed Print

$55.00, Amazon

You may know (and love) Verishop for its range of style, beauty and sexual wellness offerings, but the e-tailer also offers a surprisingly stacked selection of prints, designs and even collections. in limited edition. Not only can you explore its roster of artists at your leisure, Verishop also hosts live streams from various creators so you can shop your favorite’s favorites as well.

Society6 Lineart Mountains Experience 1 by Viviana Gonzalez

$25.00, Verishop

Society6 Mineral Abstract Watercolor by Ninola Design

$49.00, Verishop

Spacey Studios “Stealing Beauty” Limited Edition Framed

$150.00, Verishop

For your framed “Riviera” guest bathroom

$175.00, Verishop

If your home decor leans towards vintage, head to Sonic Editions, which specializes in black-and-white editions of iconic musical photographs, celebrity shots and fashion moments from the 1950s and beyond. (There’s also a great travel collection for Slim Aarons fans.) Each print can be purchased with an optional black frame and backing for a striking minimalist effect that works in any home. So you are guaranteed to find an eye-catching piece.

Women’s Sonic Editions Hats

$269.00, Sonic Editions

Sonic Editions The Classic Sinner

$159.00, Sonic Editions

Sonic Editions Steve Mcqueen and Neile Adams

$269.00, Sonic Editions

Sonic Hastings Mod Editions

$269.00, Sonic Editions

Built as a platform to champion a new generation of artists, Tappan Collective’s art curation is filled with original pieces, from limited edition prints and photographs to sculptures and textiles that may appreciate over time.

Marleigh Culver Lillet III

$160.00, Tapan

Tadahiro Gunji Collage4c_029

$270.00, Tapan

Luke Chiswell I hope I do I hope I don’t

$350.00, Tapan

Bella McGoldrick butters my cock

$925.00, Tapan

For the person who just browses, Society6 can point you in the right direction. It features edited collections of fine art prints to support diverse groups, such as female-identifying creators and black artists, as well as pop culture moments, such as star wars and Pixar movies. Once you’ve chosen your print, you can choose from a variety of frame sizes and colors to suit your space.

Ambers Textiles Cinque Terre Framed Art Print

$99.00, Company6

Beth HoeckelLily Pond Lane

$59.00, Company6

Life Infinity Loop Framed Art Print

$48.00, Company6

Taco Nakaguki Blue Nude Framed Canvas

$115.00, Company6

This online marketplace allows you to browse original artwork from various creators, again similar to Etsy, but for art only. It also lets you filter art by budget, whether it caps at $100 or $500. And if you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, log back in later; Artfinder replenishes artwork with 15,000 new pieces every month, so you can enjoy a seemingly endless scroll.

Natasha Law her back on the green

$339.00, art finder

Margaret Mallows Gray Heron

$156.00, art finder

Kath Edwards under the cherry blossom

$115.00, art finder

Helen BridgesShoreditch

$115.00, art finder

Like a lot of up for grabs at UO, the art selection leans towards retro, which is why you can find everything from groovy wall hangings to disco-era prints among its selection. Most coins tend to cost less than $100, which makes it a wallet-friendly enough even if you just put some money on your security deposit.

Tyler Spangler Yes Right Now Art Print

$39.00, Urban Outfitters

Tyler Spangler you don’t realize how easy this is Art Print

$39.00, Urban Outfitters

Circa 78 Tan Tunnel Designs Art Print

$89.00, Urban Outfitters

MilicaTepavac Disco Lies Art Print

$89.00, Urban Outfitters

Budding interior decorators rejoice: One Kings Lane has a comprehensive collection of portraits designed to transform your bedroom, office or any other home project into a Architectural Summary–propagation worthy. Whether you like modern art or whimsical photography, there’s enough art here to suit everyone – and curated by the design professionals at OKL, you can rest assured it will look great wherever you put it. hang on.

Soicher Marin Dana Gibson Fishing Bay Early

$370.00, One Kings Lane

Pascal Shirley Cape Cod Summer

$475.00, One Kings Lane

Erin Gregory Kaleidoscope 5

$210.00, One Kings Lane

David Gray’s Desert Garden

$225.00, One Kings Lane

Art on canvas? Modern Art? Prints worthy of a museum? You can find all of this and more on the aptly named Art.com, which offers a huge range of works by well-known names and lesser-known creators. You’ll also get free shipping and returns in case Monet turns out to be too big, plus free design services from in-house professionals.

Claude Monet The Japanese Bridge

$30.00, Art. com

Jill Martin laughing

$20.00, Art. com

Beata Podwysocka Facade 69

$450.00, Art.com

Forestpath beautiful beach at sunrise

$25.00, Art. com

It might be called Fine Art America, but it won’t cost you as much as a real piece of art, since this retailer mainly specializes in fine art prints – big difference there. We especially love Amy Hamilton’s series of baby animal portraits, which would make a great gift for a new mom looking to furnish a nursery. The art offers also go well beyond the wall, with tapestries, phone cases and even tote bags up for grabs.

Slim Aarons Poolside Glamor Art Print

$86.00, Fine Art America

Jennifer Lommers A Mountain View Art Print

$44.00, Fine Art America

Amy Hamilton Little Deer Art Print

$25.00, Fine Art America

Beverly Brown Watercolor Ballerina Painting

$92.00, Fine Art America

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