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If you didn’t already know, LMU has some really talented artists. The graduation art exhibition, Young Contemporaries 2022, reveals the projects this year’s multimedia students have been working on for months.

The works of art are presented in Laband Art Gallery on the LMU campus which will be open to the LMU community from April 21 to May 8. The gallery features multimedia art projects by senior graduates. The emphasis on multimedia in the Studio Arts major is small but growing; it’s essentially digital computer art, but the final piece isn’t necessarily on a computer, it’s more of a more immersive in-person experience that uses technology to create its effect.

Some of the pieces featured are senior studio arts majors by Kelly Sidney “Drive” as well as Hanna Rosenbaum “In the middle of the seams.” Both pieces are immersive experiences that take the viewer into the mind of the artist.

Rosenbaum’s “Amidst the Seams” brings you into an interactive room, shaded by curtains so the colors can pop. Inside, it’s colorful and bright, with texture on the walls around you. When you enter the small room, you see yourself projected into the artwork. His piece also features screen projections playing images of people, capturing a variety of human emotions.


“Originally, I wanted to focus a piece on the perception of ourselves and others. Over time I leaned towards something that explores the human journey and the combination of good and bad experiences that make us who we are. I love the idea of ​​the viewer encountering a room while they’re also in it,” Rosenbaum said.

Sidney’s “Drive” is inspired by his passion for cars. Her multimedia piece “commemorates the driving experience”, as she described it. As you enter the room and steer the steering wheel, a video plays in front of you as if you were driving through LA, with all the footage taken by Sidney herself.

The exhibit at Laband is entirely created and developed by the artists, from fabric materials to video footage to architectural structures.

“It pushed us to really get our hands dirty and understand [the gallery assembly] out,” Sidney said, “I was surprised how many trips to Home Depot I had to make, that I had to learn how to use a handsaw and how to use the tools to do everything myself as far as I did.

Besides the pieces by Rosenbaum and Sidney, you will also find other interactive pieces in the gallery, whether they invite you to taste, touch, smell or listen to something. Whether a room lets you use headphones to listen to the canvas on the wall, or offers a lollipop to feel more immersed in the art you see on the canvas in front of you, each piece is interactive in some way.

The variety of gallery pieces and the different experiences they offer the viewer are worth a visit – if you’re not a fan of walking around and just looking at canvases, this gallery is for you as you’ll be immersed in the art all the time.

“It was very moving for me to see my work in the gallery and to realize that I have a few weeks left of school. It’s an exhilarating feeling to have something sitting in a gallery, and I hope that in the future I can work in other galleries to show my art,” Rosenbaum said.

Due to COVID-19, this is the first time in two years that seniors have had their pieces physically in a gallery, instead of online, making this a special time for studio arts graduates at LMU .

“Having something to show for years and years of study is a defining moment. I’m a 5th year student, and a few of us have been going there for a while. It feels really good to see it , especially in person. Interactive pieces lose a certain element when they’re online, so waiting a year to get my thesis in person is significant,” Sidney said.

The gallery hosts a reception on April 21 for artists to show friends and family the finished pieces, and on April 28 there is a gallery tour from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Laband is also presenting the student exhibition with jury, which allows all visual arts students to submit their work to the judges.

“There are so many talented students showing up, not just seniors, so I recommend people come to the reception on the 21st to see both shows. Every year when I see the plays, I’m blown away by the school’s talent,” Rosenbaum said.

You won’t regret taking a trip to Laband Art Gallery to see these senior thesis projects. Whether it’s heading off campus or having a few extra minutes between classes, it’s a rewarding experience to see the talent and hard work of other LMU students.

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