Norwegian Cruise Line’s Prima Class to Showcase New Digital Art Collection

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced the first collection of digital art for sale by a cruise line. Sold as NFTs or non-fungible tokens, the six digital artworks are innovative creations by artist Manuel Di Rita, widely known as Peeta, depicting Norwegian’s newest ship, the Norwegian Prima.

All proceeds from the artwork will be donated to Teach for America, a diverse network of people who work to fight and confront inequality in education by teaching to create a nation free from this injustice. Coins will be priced from $250 to $2500.

Norwegian Cruise Line Hull Art Becomes Digital Artwork

NFTs have been in the news a lot lately and have become a prized possession over the past couple of years. With Norwegian Cruise Line known for its many works of art on the hulls of its cruise ships, NFT and Norwegian seem like a perfect match, especially when it comes to a well-known and modern artist such as Manuel Di Rita , famous for his urban work.

Six artworks will be auctioned as NFTs, all of which are either digital representations of Norwegian Prima’s hull artwork, a visualization of the workflow between artist and cruise line , and/or digitization of artwork on display inside the Norwegian Prima.

Image Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line

All proceeds from the auction will benefit Teach for America, a nonprofit organization working to eliminate educational injustices in the education system:

Harry Sommer, Chief Executive Officer, Norwegian Cruise Line: “We are thrilled to partner with Peeta for this first for our brand and for the industry. Peeta is a talented artist who has brought the magic and beauty of the ocean to our ships, so we are happy to share this with our guests and to donate the proceeds of this new venture to Teach For America, an organization and cause very near and dear to our hearts.

The six works are:

  • Relative coordinates: A rearrangement of some of the shapes used on the hull art featured on Norwegian Prima and Viva. The NFT is a digital copy of a piece that will be on display in the brand’s three-story Penrose Atrium.
  • Basic concepts: This piece was created using the elements and lessons that “Peeta” learned after drafting the first iterations of the shell art. It shows classic “Peeta” style lettering. The NFT is a digital copy of an exhibit on display aboard Norwegian Prima.
  • Prima 1 hull art sketch: This piece is an original sketch and features a crop of the larger composition of the final artwork featured on Norwegian Prima’s hull art.
  • Artistic sketch of the Prima 2 hull: This piece features a crop of the largest composition of the final artwork featured on Norwegian Prima’s hull art.
  • Data flow : this piece draws inspiration from the entire creative process of designing Norwegian Prima’s hull art.
  • Prima Norwegian Hull Art: this NFT reflects the captivating and innovative design highlighting fluid shapes, with imperceptible beginnings and endings, like an ocean.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. A piece of data that is stored on a blockchain. NFTs can be any type of digital data, but have become famous as digital artworks, such as digital paintings, music, videos and photos, selling for millions of dollars .

Prima 1 hull art sketch
Image Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line

There are similarities to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but NFTs are quite unique. The most expensive NFT ever sold was Pak’s “Merge”, which grossed $91.8 million.

Scott Piccolo, Head of Digital Experience Delivery at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, said: “We strive to embrace the most advanced technology at Norwegian Cruise Line and firmly believe that providing our guests with the ability to own digital assets that connect them to an unforgettable cruise experience is a critical step. We are incredibly proud of working with Peeta on the cruise industry’s first-ever NFT collection.

The auction will begin at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 13. Starting prices for digital artwork are $250 for the first five, while number six, Norwegian Prima Hull Art, will start at $2,500.

norwegian prima is the first of six Prima Class ships and ushers in a new era of cruising for NCL. The ship is currently in the final fitting out phase with the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. norwegian prima is 142,500 gross tons and has a capacity of 3,215 people in double occupancy.

After his inauguration by godmother Katy Perry, it will offer maiden voyages to Northern Europe from Southampton, England; Amsterdam; and Reykjavík, Iceland, starting later this year in August.

Norwegian Prima class cruise ships

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