NFTs are more than digital art, here’s why

So you’ve heard of NFTs and how these “digital avatars” print money for their holders. In 2021, NFTs were so popular that the term was dubbed Word of the Year by a famous dictionary company. There’s a social buzz around NFTs and polls about whether they offer more than just overpriced avatars, or if they have no other use behind the art, even with proof of ownership.

NFTs are more than just get-rich-quick schemes or digital art that you can right-click to save. In addition to representing art, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that also represent ownership of other real-world items such as music videos, music, and more recently, exclusive access to some of the best establishments in the world. The potential of the NFT industry is powerful and impressive when utility comes into play.

Even with the distribution of creator royalties and all-event passes, allowing ownership and trading of in-game assets, and even fractionable assets like land, the NFT industry is still a germ seed in the grand scheme of things. Who would have thought that a string of code on the blockchain could uniquely render real redeemable utility and even access to lifetime memberships that are of immense benefit to asset holders?

Nowadays, we see projects taking advantage of this innovation to drive NFT enthusiasts crazy. For example, Drunken Monkey is 9995 unique NFTs that not only provide proof of ownership, but also provide access to global concierge services that connect members to exclusive restaurants, nightclubs, beach clubs, yacht charter and other exciting luxury services in real life, no. only in a distant metaverse. Talk about utility!

Drunken Monkey has partnered with a host of global VIP service providers to offer their members exclusive concierge services and privileges for hosting Drunken Monkey NFTs. With a private sale that sold out in just 20 minutes, a Drunken Monkey unlocks a selection of venues, exclusive sporting events and trendy restaurants in some of the biggest destinations, from London, Dubai, Las Vegas , Barcelona, ​​Paris, Milan, Bali, Mykonos and New York with many more destinations added daily.

The difference between an NFT project with a credible team and real utility, and a project without utility, is what allows Drunken Monkey to be so rewarding for its members. To take Drunken Monkey and its services to the next level, the team is launching an application whose developments are well advanced.

NFT holders are now looking for more than just an aesthetic image or hype, consumers want to leverage their investments, which is why projects like Drunken Monkey are a game changer.

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