New artwork unveiled at Claremont Park in Brent Cross Town

An artist has unveiled his bright new color in a park that has been created in the Brent Cross Town development.

Hanna Benihoud’s Rainbow Ribbons is presented by the glacier at the brand new Claremont Park.

It is a large scale installation made from steel and powder coated in an array of rainbow colours. The steel ribbons float in continuous wavy lines in front of the gazebo with the aim of injecting a feeling of color and playfulness.

Credit: Tim Jobling

Hanna said: “We wanted the artwork to focus on play and sport, so I spent a sunny day in the park with a load of bright local kids of all ages – toddlers teenagers – playing with colors and shapes to see what inspired them.

“I wanted to find a physical activity that would intuitively encourage a sense of playful encounter. The process from start to finish was collaborative.

“From local children to photographers, architects and fabricators. Everyone has their hand mold in this work of art.”

Times Series: The Art is at the New Claremont ParkThe art is at the newly opened Claremont Park

To create the installation, Hanna collaborated with The White Wall Company describing the process as “experimental” and fun. Metalworkers heated the steel with a blowtorch so that it would melt and be handled – they then had to work fast to mold the steel into a spiral before allowing it to cool.

Chloe Bodur, of Gussys Ice Cream Parlour, praised the artwork, saying: “Hanna’s design, with its beautiful bright colors, unique style and playful structure that kids move in and out of during play. , really captures the utopian feeling of the new park and makes the environment even more creative and inspiring.

“It’s a great addition to the park that has already brought our community together and we’re thrilled to have it in our booth space.”

Times Series: CGI of Brent Cross TownCGI of Brent Cross Town

Brent Cross Town will be at the heart of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration programme, providing 6,700 homes, new workspaces for up to 25,000 people, shops, restaurants, schools and parks, and the train station from Brent Cross West on the Thameslink line.

The program is implemented by Barnet Council in partnership with developer Related Argent.

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