MOONWALKERS NFT: Create detailed NFT artwork

NFT projects are hot now thanks to artists like Liam Pannier. Renowned artist in the field of contemporary art, Liam has dominated the industry with the most futuristic 3D visuals. Liam’s work has been hailed for its ability to transport and immerse audiences in a world beyond the sky, giving them a taste of intergalactic travel from the comfort of their home. These incredible visuals each sell for thousands of dollars worldwide, making Liam one of the most sought after space artists of his time. With over 100,000 followers on major social media platforms, Liam has established himself as a leading expert in his art form, and he always pushes the boundaries of what he can accomplish.

In April, Liam entered the NFT world with a high-quality collection of 8,888 NFT MOONWALKERS on the Ethereum blockchain. MOONWALKERS is a collection of meticulously crafted characters that Liam worked on for months to ensure detailed and breathtaking artwork. These awe-inspiring 3D characters offer the most detailed digital representations of outer space ever created, each evoking different emotions in art lovers. The MOONWALKERS collection has attracted massive attention from all corners of the NFT world, rapidly growing a community of like-minded and ambitious people.

The MOONWALKERS project gained more than 30,000 followers in two weeks on Twitter. There are over 39,000 subscribers now, and growing. Unsurprisingly, some of the early adopters included blue chip project holders like BAYC, MAYC, CloneX, and Azuki. Interest in the potential of the project has also contributed to the exponential growth of the MOONWALKERS NFT Discord community. This strong and passionate community has over 100,000 members, including the whales of some of the most successful NFT projects in the world today.

Besides the aesthetics of the characters, which Liam admits to having given his all, the MOONWALKERS NFT collection is also a value-oriented project. In the past, Liam has partnered with and managed projects for Warner Bros, Paramount Records and Dej Jams. From these experiences, Liam gained knowledge of strategic partnerships, which he now uses with this project. Liam aims to create a project with maximum utility for all wearers. Together with a talented development team, the artist is working on the project roadmap to create a groundbreaking top-notch collection.

Bringing together innovators and visionaries to launch the project was the first step in the collection’s roadmap. As days go by, MOONWALKERS holders will begin to enjoy the exclusive benefits of being part of the community. Some developments the members should expect include a clothing line, collaborations with famous artists, and short films using the characters. Another goal is for members to start printing their NFTs by the end of the year. Members will claim a free printed illustration of their NFT, which will be accompanied by a signed certificate and statement of authenticity.

Holders of the MOONWALKERS collection will enjoy other exclusive perks: access to unique, real-life collectibles, such as hoodies and t-shirts, and first-hand knowledge of secret NFT airdrops. Additionally, MOONWALKERS is working on launching the first space art gallery in the metaverse. This will allow project leaders to stroll among the works of renowned artists and interact with them in exclusive exhibitions.

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