Fahmi Reza will sell ‘Monyet Istana’ artwork as NFT to raise legal aid funds for others

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After announcing that he was banned from leaving the country, satirical artist Fahmi Reza decided to sell his works as NFT to raise money to help others get legal help.

He made the announcement on Twitter today, April 24.

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The NFT artwork titled Monyet Istana (Palace Monkey) will be sold for 0.05 BNB, with all proceeds going to the Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.

The legal fund will help support other Malaysians who are being investigated and prosecuted for exercising their right to freedom of expression.

The artist said he wouldn’t get a single penny from the NFT sale. The sale of Monyet Istana will be launched on April 26.

Fahmi was arrested and questioned for two days by police after she uploaded artwork showing Mojo Jojo of the Powerpuff Girls in clothes resembling royal attire.

It was believed to be a satirical response to the Sultan of Selangor’s announcement of the purchase of a painting depicting deputies as monkeys, apes and frogs.

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Since last year, he has been arrested 3 times and interrogated 11 times by the police. Currently, he faces two criminal charges for his political graphics.

If found guilty, he faces a fine of RM100,000 and 2 years imprisonment.

Is there support?

Some netizens expressed their support and asked how they could purchase the artwork.

Previously, the artist refused to sell his works as NFTs because he did not make his works to earn profit. Fahmi said his works aim to raise political awareness for free.

His reversal took a few netizens by surprise and caused temporary confusion.

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