Communitea Roomfifty Chinese Community Center London art prints

In a bid to raise funds for the London Chinese Community Center (LCCC), which is facing permanent closure due to the ongoing pandemic, Roomfifty has launched a month-long Communitea art project.

Using over 50 artists, Communitea seeks to raise awareness in the LCCC and ESEA community during these difficult times, particularly with the growing xenophobia towards people of East and Southeast Asian descent. “A lot of people see tea as a British thing when in reality it’s about as Chinese as it gets. It’s a ritual of welcome and unity (sorry) which we think was a great a tool to connect people around the world. It’s been working pretty well since 200 BC!”, comments Communiteam member Conrad Haddaway.

With a diverse mix of artists from over 14 different countries, 55 prints have been created by Charlotte Mei, Alva Skog, Marylou Faure, HATO and Charlene Man, to name a few. Starting at £20 GBP (approximately US$28), 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these prints will go directly to the Communitea Fund for the London Chinese Community Centre. In addition to the 55 prints, there is also a single symbolic Community Bag for £45,000 GBP (63,000 USD), which will see the LCCC meet its JustGiving fundraising goal and see them through the rest of 2021.

“Transformation starts with a conversation. In the fight against Asian hatred, our weapon of choice should be steaming cups and hot hearts. So grab this tea bag and let’s start steeping. – Community Team

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