Check out the ROBOT that can paint your child’s artwork on your car

IF YOU HAVE kids, you probably have some of their artwork attached to your fridge.

But what about your car? Not glued, but actually painted – by the most advanced robots of their kind on the planet.


ABB robot will be able to paint any artwork on your car

This is what a company called ABB will offer, which has developed a robot with 1000 nozzles capable of reproducing the most complex works of art.

Its robots are already painting cars in factories around the world, but its latest has been tested in a secret facility so far and will start painting customer cars within the next two years.

Car customization is big business, with some Rolls-Royce customers spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to get their car exactly the way they want it.

Painting is one of them, but until now, the reproduction of very complex works of art has been difficult to achieve.

But the idea is that you won’t need to be a Rolls-Royce buyer to get this new service. It will also be available for mainstream cars.

Former Jaguar and Aston Martin designer Ian Callum said: “There are so many cars on the road, and you know, they all look a lot alike.

“People want customization. The offering of this painting is absolutely
amazing because it offers a very individual look for any car, and a very personal look too.

Before, it would be a messy process to maybe put an envelope on it, which I always feel uncomfortable with.

“I think real paint on a car is the way to go. So this offers everything
sorts of new levels of individual design for an automobile. In fact, it’s amazing.

“I can see that applying to cars that you and I might buy. I think that’s extremely exciting.

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To promote the new robot, ABB commissioned eight-year-old child artist Advait Kolarkar, whose abstract works have sold
for over £100,000.

Advait, who was named one of the world’s top 100 child prodigies, painted his “Zebra Utopia” commission on a canvas on the floor of his studio at his home in India.

It was then scanned for the robot to paint over the car.

Advait said, “I couldn’t believe a robot was painting an artwork for the first time.

“And it wasn’t just any work of art. It was my work.”

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