Bowen Catching Stars Art Gallery is looking for a new member

Are you passionate about the arts? Looking for a way to connect with like-minded people in a creative and nurturing environment? Do you like the idea of ​​supporting community arts and artists?

Catching Stars Gallery is looking for a new member to join the team to realize the vision of the cooperative.

The gallery will soon be celebrating its fourth successful and profitable year of operation and has hosted many amazing artists during this time. Come join Emilie Kaplun and Kathleen Ainscough as we enter the fifth year of this amazing Gallery. The potential candidate would ideally possess a love and appreciation for the arts and a strong business foundation.

Members are the owners and directors of the cooperative and play an active role in managing sales, sharing business management, maintaining the store and other related tasks. Membership is for those who have an interest in becoming a shareholder, are responsible for the governance and administration of the Association, and to reap the benefits of helping to guide the Gallery forward. Members are eligible to receive year-end profits, as well as to keep a higher percentage of art sales.

The start of the year brought new beginnings and January and February were stellar months although normally the quietest time of the year. What a great way to start the year! We look forward to the upcoming tourist season and a spring and summer full of art and social connection.

There are now over 50 artists represented at the Catching Stars Gallery, most of them from Bowen Island. When you enter the gallery you will meet the associates who work in the gallery and are the front line, cornerstone and backbone of Catching Stars Gallery. Associates receive a larger percentage of their art sales in exchange for volunteer shifts in the gallery and dedicated space to display their work. This model allows the gallery to be open every day and gives locals and tourists the opportunity to meet the artists, buy unique works of art and support the creative community.

New works by Marie Neys (who was one of the founding members of Catching Stars Gallery and is now an associate), will be on view March 15-29. These new creations are inspired by the Salish Sea and come in the form of paintings, prints, keepsake boxes and textiles. Marie will be at the gallery on Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 18, 19 and 20 and will be happy to give you a guided tour!

Recently welcomed into the Catching Stars artist family, two artists: Maria Curcic is a Canadian milliner based in Victoria who has been designing hats and headpieces since 1985. Born in Paris, with a strong European appreciation for fashion and style, Maria began designing hats for end boutiques in Canada and the United States in the early 1990s. Today, Maria focuses her attention on custom designs, from everyday wear to hats for all occasions. Check out her awesome hats the next time you visit the Gallery or on the website.

Mitchell Bell of Clunk Art Manufacturing started with a passion for creating and making various home decor items and small pieces of furniture for family and friends. Since then, a Mother’s Day gift idea has evolved into one of Clunk Art’s signature pieces: a decorative wooden lamp with interchangeable slat designs for every season and mood. Clunk Art Manufacturing’s designs are inspired by the beautiful natural west coast of British Columbia and focus on durability and maximizing the use of every piece of wood. Each item is carefully handcrafted in Vancouver, BC. Choose from a selection of slats with seasonal and fun designs to personalize your new Clunk Art lamp!

You want to know more? We would like to hear from you. Visit the website submissions page at or email us with your questions and to schedule an appointment to meet with us at

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