Bayonetta 3 Artwork Highlights Madama Butterfly and More

Bayonet 3 is now officially a week away from its release on Nintendo Switch, almost five years after the title was announced at The Game Awards. As the witch Umbra would say, she’s “late fashion,” but we’ll forgive her. The game had plenty of pre-launch previews and trailers, and a new blog post has added even more detail to the mix. This time we have a video highlighting artwork and models from character designer Mari Shimazaki and character modeler Tsuyoshi Takahashi. As you will see in the video below, we see Madama Butterfly and a series of monsters that will be part of the game.

You’re not mistaken if you watch the video and think Madama Butterfly is different in the third entry. Shimazaki notes in the artwork that an accent was added to create more detail about the love demon attached to Bayonetta. She even went so far as to say that she redesigned her outfit to be more “goth metal.” Another element of the revamp is that Madama Butterfly knows martial arts, which is why her legs are more exposed. The 3D model of the character is also sculpted to imply the demon’s leg strength for combat.

The monsters you’ll see in the video feature returning but also new beasts. This includes looking at the demon attached to Viola’s new character. Cheshire is a cat demon with a mind of its own when summoned. But it’s still valuable in a fight, so Viola doesn’t care too much about it.

Madama Butterfly will play an expanded role in Bayonets 3. Previously, she was summoned by the witch Umbra to perform specific attacks. Whether it was a quick punch or kick or a full summon to perform a “gigaton” attack on an enemy, she was a valuable weapon in Bayonetta’s arsenal. In the third entry, she will merge with Bayonetta to become a new combat entity, altering the gameplay even further.

Additionally, Bayonetta will be able to fully summon demons for combat. Like Madama Butterfly, previous titles only called them for “big moves.” But now she can freely summon them into battle so they can fight off threats on their own. The catch is that when she does this, her body is exposed. More than usual, we mean. She will have to watch out for enemy attacks against her while the demon does its business.

Another big change is that in some parts of the story, you’ll control the witch-in-training Viola, who has an entirely different moveset than Bayonetta. She wields a sword and throws knives to use alongside her Cheshire Demon and other witch abilities.

You’ll need to use both characters to their fullest to overcome the threat of the Singularity when the game arrives October 28 on Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube

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